Hi, welcome to the start of my site. I made this website to share my art, and talk about my interests. Seeing other people's websites really inspired me to make my own site! I don't have much experience with coding websites so sorry if some of the css is a little weird.


change log

june 28, 2022 updated the art page page

june 25, 2022 updated the characters page page

june 24, 2022 updated the site after a while, changed css, added new image(i'll prolly use it as a placeholder from now on), updated blog page

may 16 2022 added more drawings to art.

may 15, 2022 added a stamp marquee on the front page

mar 23 2022 changed the site layout, added more things to the about including drawings of fav characters

mar 24 2022 changed the site colors and theme

mar 31 2022 added js to the character page, changed theme

apr 2 2022 added an art page

apr 2 2022 added a new blog post

apr 5 2022 added sparkles to the cursor